DF/HCC Pop Sci Programs Brief Update Series: What's up in Outcomes Research?

Date: February 04, 2014 03:00 AM - 05:00 AM
Location: Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Dana Building, Room 1620
Contact: adminsec@jimmy.harvard.edu


Brief Update Series: What’s up in Outcomes Research?
 February 4, 2014
 Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
 Dana Room 1620
 Reception to follow.

The DF/HCC Population Sciences programs has organized a series of events over the next year to give an overview of the exciting scientific innovations and progress from each program.  The goal of the events is to share scientific progress, facilitate active communication, build new collaborations and show synergy across the Population Sciences programs.  The format will be a number of short talks of about 6 minutes each, covering the range of activities within the individual program. A reception will follow each event.  
 The next event in this series is entitled DF/HCC Brief Updates Series: What's Up In Outcomes Research? and is scheduled to take place on Tuesday February 4 from 3:00-5:00 in the Smith Family Room (Dana 1620) at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.
 People can contact Erica Feick at adminsec@jimmy.harvard.edu for more information.

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